Do Get Rich Quick Schemes Exist And Where Can I Get One?

Can you get rich with little or no effort? Yes! Of course you can!


Good luck, by the way!

Now that those nice people looking for Get Rich Quick Schemes have left, you and I can get REAL about making money and the methods that can be used to generate a large income.

Let me be blunt… rather than diplomatic. Apart from the lottery or a massive inheritance I can’t think of one legal way to make substantial money that does NOT require some effort,energy, time and commitment. To be fair, even the illegal methods require effort and work.

Now, unless you KNOW that your multi-millionaire grandfather is on his last legs, you and I have to figure out the best way to earn big money and to earn it quickly. Do you agree? You have a choice to make today.

If you don’t have a millionaire grandparent, you can amble off to the local newsagent to purchase a Lotto ticket and then assume the prayer position on Saturday as the winning numbers are revealed. Be careful though, you could be struck by lightening BEFORE your numbers come up. Wear rubber shoes, just in case.

If your knees are sore from all that praying then take some advice from me. Making money requires effort. We can’t get away from this inconvenient truth. There it is. Period.

Once you’ve accepted this ‘law’ of nature you’re already on your way to a brighter future. Making money requires effort but that does not mean working all hours of the day. The gurus, the marketing whizzes, the advertising guys all say ‘work smart not hard’. There’s something to that.

Hard work is something most of us have never seen or thought of let alone actually do! Hard work is 16 hours toil at the coalface 200 meters underground. Hard work is hand sewing footballs in humid, squalid and dark sweatshops for 20 hours per day in a Dhaka slum or Mumbai ghetto when you should be in school reading Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

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