Stem Cell Therapy And Knee Pain

Have you been advised that steroid injections or invasive surgery are your only choices to treat your knee pain? Interventional orthopedics presents a non-surgical opportunity that makes use of your own cells to assist your body heals injured tissues and relieve pain from knee injuries and arthritis. Stem cell for knee pain treatment may offer a superior opportunity to knee surgical procedure or knee replacement.

Downsides of knee surgery

Recent research suggests that some of the most common orthopedic knee surgeries inclusive of meniscectomies have no advantage and are not any more powerful than placebo or sham surgical procedure. Knee replacement surgical procedure is extremely annoying and carries associated risks. Even efficacious surgeries require months of painful rehab to regain energy and mobility. Sadly, most surgical procedures also speed up degeneration that ends in osteoarthritis and exacerbates the troubles that to start with led to the need for surgical treatment in the first place.

Stem cell therapy for knee pain

Stem cell for knee pain can help improve knee function and reduce ache without the need for surgery.

Stem cell extraction

Stem cell therapy for knee pain is most typically performed as an autologous treatment. This means that the MSCs used for treatment are extracted from the affected person themselves. While MSCs may be located in many regions of the body, they may be usually harvested from either fat or bone tissue. Extractions from fat tissue might also yield a higher concentration of stem cells; however, the extraction procedure may be more invasive than bone marrow extraction methods. During the latter extraction procedure, a needle is generally inserted into the iliac crest location on your pelvis.

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