5 Ways To Maximise Your Chances Of A Great Set Of Headshots

 It can be easy to feel intimidated by the process of having Professional Headshots taken. After all, you're ploughing a lot of your money into this, and you need the end results to be right.

Get the right headshots out of your session, and it could really help to propel you forward in your career. If, however, your headshots don't feel right, you'll be forever annoyed by the sight of them on your marketing materials and CV.

So with no further ado, here are five tips for increasing the likelihood of getting some truly great headshots out of your session with a professional headshot photographer.

1. Keep well-hydrated

It can be surprisingly thirsty work to have professional headshots taken - remember, after all, that you may well be in the session for several hours. Just as importantly, drinking plenty of water prior to your shoot also does a huge amount to keep your skin looking good.

2. Have a detox ahead of the session

Speaking of the above, you might want to build on it by giving yourself a bit of a detox a week or two before your session. It doesn't necessarily have to be anything mega-sophisticated - simply cutting out alcohol and ensuring you get five consecutive nights of good sleep can really help to ensure you're on top form - and look that way - on the day of your session.

3. Allow plenty of time

If the session is to take place at the photographer's venue, good time management on your way there can help to ensure that neither you nor the photographer is duly stressed or inconvenienced. Remember, after all, that they may have other shoots after you and if you are late, that might mean less photography time. Plan your journey the day before and have alternative routes in mind in case public transport - as it so often can in this country - lets you down.

4. Give your hair time to 'relax'

You will want your professional headshots to show you with your hair as it usually looks like, so whatever you do, don't get a haircut the day before a shoot! The constant sight of that 'just had a haircut' look in your headshots will drive you mad. Instead, allow plenty of time between your last haircut and your shoot, so that your hair has time to 'relax' into a more natural look.

5. Don't overdo the makeup

If you never wear makeup, fine - carry on that way to your shoot. But if you do, we would suggest that you simply start with a basic level of makeup, from which you can then build up if desired. The important thing is to start at whatever level is comfortable for you.

Don't 'over-prepare' for your session, and make sure that above all else, you enjoy it! However, by following the above tips, you can help to make it more likely that at the end of your session, you really will get a set of professional headshots with which you can be truly delighted.

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