Optimum Ayurvedic Treatment For Kidney Failure in India

Chronic kidney disease is a dangerous health condition which damages the kidneys without showing any major symptoms. This health disorder can also let the situation of kidney failure to arise and can be a life-threatening condition for many as well. By providing right ayurvedic kidney treatment in India, Karma Ayurveda is making many patients free this dangerous health situation.

As kidney disease can be a fatal health condition hence it is important for the patient to pay attention to their health and to ensure proper treatment as well. There are many people who are advised to take proper diet for the right and care of their health. Here are some major guidelines which help to cure the damaged kidneys:

  • Avoid consuming dietary protein- High protein put pressure on the kidneys and can be a reason for further damage to it. Hence it is important for renal patients to limit their protein intake.
  • Limit the overall intake of sodium and salt- Low sodium diet help to reduce the level of fluid and to reduce blood pressure as well.
  • Avoid eatables rich in phosphorus-
  • Limit the intake of potassium- As damaged kidneys are not in a condition to manage the amount of potassium, hence the high intake of potassium will not only put pressure on the kidneys and will cause many dangerous problems such as abnormal heart rhythms hence the patients are advised to be away from this.
  • Increase your iron intake- Patients are advised to take an iron
  • Quit smoking and drinking alcohol- This can cause more damage to
  • a rich diet which helps to relieve the symptoms like sleepiness and fatigue.
  • Take proper treatment for health disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart-related diseases

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